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500W Hybrid Controller (Solar & Wind)

500W Hybrid Controller (Solar & Wind)

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This controller is designed specifically for hybrid wind solar street light system, but with some simple Settings can also be used in household systems.


1. The Wind turbine charging part and Solar charging part are independent of each other, can make Wind turbine controller or solar controller using independent (As a Wind turbine controller cannot use light control function).
Wind turbine charging with booster MPPT technology, which makes the wind turbine's electricity still available, even at low wind speeds.
At high wind speed or when the wind turbine power is greater than battery/load absorption, the controller immediately launches the dump load condition to release the excess power safely.
2. Discharge, light control mode, time control function and others can be set up by the user accordingly to their own requirements.
3. Controller interface with custom LCD screen and four key operation mode. 
4. The controller has protection functions, including: lightning, solar charger, over-voltage, automatic braking, storage battery reverse connection, etc.

Dimension: 165*140*66mm

  • Weight: 1.25kg
  • Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Solar panel max. open circuit voltage: 27.6V
  • Solar panel max. open circuit recovery voltage: 26.4V
  • Solar panel current: 40A
  • Solar panel power: max. 500W
  • Wind turbine rated voltage: 12V
  • Wind turbine max. open circuit voltage: 25.6V
  • Wind turbine rated current: 40A
  • Wind turbine power: max. 500W
  • System identification voltage: DC 9V-16V
  • DC load output rated current (Load 1+ Load 2): max 30A (max. 15A per Load)


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