Not necessary, it is an self power generating system and it works independently

We accept customized the color of the wind turbine and the pole. For the shape, since the
design of the wind turbine is a result of high precise aerodynamic calculation, any change of the
shape will influence the performance and we do not offer shape customization.

Yes, customer can choose this function as an option. Actually, customer can request to add
other IoT device to the Smart Pole

A: In general, the signal within 20 rmeters radius will be fine for a single Smart Pole. Note that,
in most of the case, the Smart Poles are deployed in group in a certain area or along a roadbto
cover the whole area.

Yes, the working hours of the LED light can be programmed remotely

10 years

We have installation instruction in the user manual. However, depends on each country’s
regulation, you may need to recruit qualified or licensed technician for the installation.

Please contact us at info@dinggreenenergy.tech